Sentry Andon Systems

Simple Yet Powerful

“The andon lamps tell you where the problems are happening. You need to go to those places and examine things carefully. If you watch carefully, you’ll see what’s causing the problems. Then you can do your kaizen improvements. Doing that again and again is how you raise productivity.”

Michikazu Tanaka

“What I learned from Taiichi Ohno”

What is an Andon System

Andon systems are audio/visual systems that immediately alert supervisors to problems on the shop floor.  The traditional Toyota Andon System uses pull cords that trigger a flashing light and customizable melody, unique to each section of a factory.

What is their purpose?

Andon systems serve two major purposes:

1. Immediate problem identification

2. Data tracking to identify areas for improvement

Why Sentry Andon Systems?

Return back as we continue to develop this product.

We are finishing prototype development in early 2019.  After some trial and revisions, we expect to launch the first version of this product in Summer 2019!