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Rebuilding American Manufacturing

Leadership is a vital component of every successful manufacturing environment.  Rarely does an opportunity arise where world-class leadership training can be followed by world-class manufacturing consulting. 

This video is part 1 of 2 demonstrating the events at our client, Origin Maine, in November 2019.  Check back soon to find part 2 and see how we transformed their boot production line.

How we can help...

Develop Your People


Training your team is vital for the long term success of your company.  We can help with immersive, hands-on training that will allow your employees to perform at a higher level.

Process Improvement


Improve productivity.  Reduce downtime.  Reduced scrap and quality problems.  No matter the issue, we can help improve operations quickly and effectively.

Expansion Planning


Need to increase capacity?  We have the industry experience to expand your operations efficiently.  Whether you need a new machine or a new building, we can develop and implement the plan that makes it all happen.

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