The impact we can make for your company

Appliance and Automotive Stamping Supplier

  • Completed SMED training and a week-long SMED event resulting in a list of improvements and a defined process to cut 60% off changeover times (75 minutes to 27 minutes)
  • Facilitated a week-long kaizen event resulting in >$40,000 annual labor savings as well as improved material flow, reduced defects, and reduced material storage costs
  • Developed two facility layout options to improve effective overall floorspace by 12% at a cost of only $11/sqft. These layouts would result in more than $74,000 in annual savings from reduced material handling and increased productivity, representing a 9 month payback period.

Utility Equipment Manufacturer

  • Trained executive and management team on lean manufacturing principles with in-depth review of 5S and PDCA
  • Implemented 5S in the warehouse/stockroom resulting in a 50% reduction in floor space usage.
  • Completed a weeklong kaizen event resulting in 25% reduction in paint prep labor and improved material handling
  • Completed a value stream mapping event resulting in a 12% reduction in lead time without any capital expenses and a roadmap to achieve a 65% reduction in lead time

Textile Manufacturer

  • Implemented kanban system for inventory management resulting in a drastic improvement of “in-stock” SKU’s (55% of product was out of stock before implementing kanban, <10% within 6 months of kanban start)
  • Completed kaizen even resulting in >30% increase in orders shipped per hour ($30,000 cost avoidance)
  • Completed work cell design projects which reduced floor space usage by 35% and a productivity increase of 15%
  • Developed quick changeover methods to reduce loom changeover time by 2 hours, a 40% reduction

Natural Gas Compressor Refurbishments

  • Developed standardized work for a new product while reducing build time by 25% through improved processing and tools
  • Standardized work documentation required nearly 100 pages of material documenting each step with key points, safety concerns and quality requirements

Sign Wire and Roll Form Manufacturer

  • Completed “5S for Manufacturing” training for 20 employees from various functions
  • Facilitated 3-day 5S event resulting in drastic visual control improvement, a reduction in floor space (30% reduction for one process alone) and process improvements resulting in a 10% increase in productivity for one process

Electronics Recycling

  • Completed full-day “Intro to Lean Six Sigma” for management team
  • Developed procedures and software configuration to manage sales contracts
  • Completed facility analysis to improve material flow.