Expansion Planning

Outgrown your existing space?


 That's great!  And intimidating.  If your company is looking to expand their existing footprint or move into a new facility, there's a lot on the line.  Millions of dollars.  Long-term health of the company.  Your employee's jobs.  Expansion projects require extensive planning and incredible persistence.  Getting from A (today) to B (future state) requires a workload that most companies are not equipped to manage because this is a one-time process.  

We have managed more than $30M of capital projects, ranging from an OEM automotive expansion in Mexico to a gas compressor job shop relocation in Ohio.

The Plan


We will work closely with you to understand your existing operations.  We will develop clear goals and priorities for the project.  From that we will use our decades of capital project planning experience to develop a detailed path forward.  Scheduling, budgetary estimates, facility layouts, and detailed process plans.

We will show you the path to a successful expansion with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Make it Happen


Problems WILL arise.  A flood will stop shipments of materials.  Equipment will be caught up in a longshoreman's strike.  You will forget to order a necessary component.  We've dealt with all these exact problems!  It's a painful but necessary way to learn.

Things happen beyond our control.  That's no reason to give up on your project milestones.  We have experience managing through these difficulties, re-orienting resources to maximize the benefit and minimize fallout.  Fight through the barriers and reach your goal.Give customers a reason to do business with you.